The incredible story of Joseph

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The incredible story of Joseph

 Auteur/Autrice: Rose-Marie Bouboutou-Poos  Catégorie: Chrétien, Destinée, Vie  Éditeur: Publication indépendante  ISBN: 1791307027  Pages: 26  Pays: France  Langue: Anglais  Dimension: 15.24 x 0.18 x 22.86 cm  Acheter

The incredible story Joseph is based on the story of Joseph from the old testament in the Bible. It’s a very inspirational story for both adults and children whose message is : “never give up on your aspirations because of your present circumstances no matter how dark those might be and always give the very best of yourself ”. Enslaved or in prison, Joseph always did the very best he could and that strive for excellence and hard work in unfriendly circumstances enabled him to be a leader where he was and eventually to become a leader in the most powerful country of his time. The combination of positive attitude and dedication Joseph displayed where ever he was are still a recipe for success nowadays and values that every child all over the world should be encouraged to live by. I tried to give the story a modern twist so today’s kids and teenagers could relate to the character. It is a tale of hope and determination as well as an encouragement to never let adverse circumstances impact your character in a negative way.


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